About Us
About Us
GLO™ Science products are the result of years of scientific study and experimentation. And we're not done making our products the best they can possibly be—so your smile is the best it can be, too.

About the Founders:
Dr. Levine is a celebrated oral health expert, aesthetic dentist specializing in prosthodontics, NYU professor, noted author, and visionary inventor holding 18 patents and 8 patents pending. He has applied his 30+ years of clinical practice expertise to developing groundbreaking innovations in the field of dentistry. He lectures internationally and is frequently tapped by media channels to educate audiences on a wide range of topics related to oral health and the oral-systemic connection.

Stacey Levine is a creative branding expert with a unique expertise in marketing and design. She is a serial entrepreneur who builds successful retail and prestige beauty brands and pioneered the creation of the oral health category in the prestige beauty channel. A committed philanthropist who is dedicated to empowering people with beautiful and healthy smiles, Stacey is passionate about giving back.
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